Applescript to word count for TextEdit ?


Does anybody know of an Applescript that will work as a word count for Apples OSX TextEdit ?

TextEdit is a good app but for staff writers, without a word counter its no good.

Many thanks

You could get the contents of the current document and ask AppleScript to count them for you with count of words of…

set theText to “Hi There”
set theCount to count of words of theText

hi gan,

if you are working with plain text files (as opposed to .rtf’s) you could probably leverage the native ‘wc’ command in a ‘do shell script’. if you are using .rtf’s, the formatting might get in the way though.

if it’s plain text files, try a ‘man wc’ in the terminal for more info. you could probably use it for a number of things, like a summary that gives number of lines, word count, etc.