Applescript - utilities

I’ve bought ScriptLight from HamSoft Engineering and Extra Suites from KanZu software.

ScriptLight is definitely an excellent approach for managing Applescript programs I’ve been creating. EXCELLENT TOOL!

As per Extra Suite, I am disappointed, I’ve bought one licence and still awaiting for the activation key (special program lines to include in the script I will be using Extra Suites).

Does anyone know what I should be doing to get the Extra Suite activation key? I wrote an email to the person the money was sent and I am still awaiting for an answer. Also, when using at this moment Extra Suite I’ve get funny (weird) characters showing up. Can anyone help me on this?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the shout-out about ScriptLight. :slight_smile: I’m glad you like it.

If you continue to have problems with the Extra Suites registration I would first say give it a little time. If you feel you need to take action… I know with PayPal you can file a complaint through their website. They will withhold the payment from the developer until the complaint is resolved. If the complaint is not resolved in a timely fashion they will refund you the money. Other payment options probably have something similar.

Also, I’m pretty sure Extra Suites is PowerPC only… with no Intel version… which may (or may not) explain the ‘weird’ characters in your script.

Peter B.

I’m using Extra Suite on an Intel mac. Wanted to buy it more than a year ago until I read (probably here) a similar complaint about licence key not being sent or not working. Don’t get me wrong, $10 is cheap for Extra Suite. Anyway, the only thing about not having a licence key is having that yellow rectangle reminder. At the end of a script containing Extra Suite commands, I just use Extra Suite to get rid of it :slight_smile: