Applescript with CS5 not working (but works with CS4)


After upgrading from CS4 to CS5 I’ve found my scripts don’t work. For example, the following script run in CS4 works perfectly (it opens an image):

set oneImage to (“Jobs:Live:10_08:test:processed:_MG_0103.jpg”) as alias

tell application “Adobe Photoshop CS4”

open oneImage

end tell

But when I change the CS4 to CS5 it returns an error “File some object wasn’t found”. I’ve still got CS4 installed on my computer so could this be the problem? That’s the only think I can think of - I’m not very experienced with Applescript.

Thanks in advance

CS5 caused a lot of problems relating to Scripting Photoshop with Applescript you should go see Adobe’s scripting forum were you will find a long thread relating to this issue. I don’t have CS5 so I’ve NOT had the need to deal with this but I have seen posts about the issue having been sorted. Have you ran all of the available update patches on your install?

Many thanks for the pointer - very useful.

It seemed I did indeed need an update but that didn’t solve all the problems. I still had to change my 'as alias" to “as strings” and then use “open alias imageToOpen” instead of “open imageToOpen”.