AppleScript with Outlook 2001

Ok here is the situation I have a client that uses Outlook 2001 on his g4 Mac with OS 9.2. Is there a way, using applescript to have all email that comes in Printed, and if there are any attachments on the email have them saved to a folder, and have all emails after this then copied to another mailbox. If anyone knows if this possible or the syntax of the commands I would use would be great. Thanks in advanced

Outlook 2001’s dictionary is limited to getURL and CreateMail so you cannot do too much with Applescript. You may be able to set rules, or actions for incoming mail, (sorry I’m not sure what this function is called as I cannot open Outlook 2001 currently). Hunt around the menu’s to see if you can apply rules or actions to incoming messages, you may be able to both print the message and save the attachments.


Your client can “downgrade” to Outlook Express where you can apply rules to incoming mail that will perform multiple actions such as print, perform applescript, or even beep! Despite what some mail admin’s say, it does work with Exchange server.