I show local html-file in Dashboard using “Open in Dashboard” feature. Is there any way i could have link “applescript://something” in html and when i click it, it will tell my AppleScript which is already running, to do some thing?

Maybe this blog post is an interesting read for you :slight_smile:

Great link, Martin. Guess that changes my plans for the day since I will now be messing around with this! :smiley: Cheers!

Actually, the idea of using AppleScript as a browser protocol has been around since Mac OS 7.6… or thereabouts… and has been offered in many forms.

I spent a number of years developing and trying to promote my own approach, but was seldom met with anything but screams of outrage that the idea was a terrible security risk.

My own efforts were pretty much limited to local use - i.e. for use on one’s own computer, and NOT the web - because that’s where I wanted the utility myself… locally.

My final attempt to ‘popularize’ the idea can (still) be found here:

‘Missing Link’ (so I’m told) doesn’t work on Leopard… but still behaves well on Tiger.

I haven’t bothered to keep it current because there seemed to be so little interest in it.

Incidentally, it doesn’t appear that the page linked to ( in the ‘how to’ blog actually belongs to Apple, but indeed, Apple did post the same (or a very similar) page for a couple (?) of years after Leopard was introduced, then quietly posted a redirect to a generic page instead.

I mistook this site:

which includes the page:

… as belonging to Apple, but I’ve been told the domain is actually Sal Soghoian’s.

It remains open to question whether Apple fully sanctions the idea of running scripts from links… or ever will.

Somewhat ironically, if ‘Webpage Helper’ is indeed an Apple offering, it would be far easier for a hacker to do something genuinely nasty with it than with Missing Link.

So now the idea may catch on… despite the security risks… or it may not.

I still use my own AS based protocol every time I open a browser.

Peter B.