AppleScripting iChat

Does anyone know of a way to automatically accepting incoming messages in iChat? Currently the “Block”, “DeCline” and “Accept” buttons are not apple-scriptable. And the incoming chat request window isn’t very script enabled.
I was trying to script the UI, but I can’t access the x and y position that UI Element Inspector gives. According to the iChat dictionary, I can only access the bounds, but when I do… I get an “NSCannotCreateScriptCommandError” with the word bounds highlighted…

tell application "System Events"
		tell process "iChat"
			--tell window "theIncomingWindow1"
			--return theIncomingWindow1
			get the bounds of window theIncomingWindow1
			return result
			--end tell
		end tell
	end tell

any ideas or code samples would be greatly appreciated!!

I think I am just going to use my status message to have my script initate a chat session… rather then trying to script those incoming chat windows…