AppleScriptObjC is dead?


With Monterey, big bug with Xcode 13 never corrected.


With Xcode 14 Beta (on Monterey), impossible to create a ASOC project…

Is it dead or this is necessary to install Ventura?

I think it’s time to learn Swift. Swift is a pretty easy language coming from AppleScript.

But apparently they’ve fixed it for now:
Resolved in Xcode 14 Beta 3
Fixed an issue with outlet and action connections to AppleScript-based AppDelegates. (83373726) (FB9643535)

Thanks jaspersiegers!!

Yes, I also think it’s time to learn Swift…

It’s not possible to create a new AppleScript App project in Xcode 14.

You can create a new AppleScript App project in Xcode 14 using this solution I found in the Apple Dev Forums.

It’s as easy as copying and pasting the “AppleScript App.xctemplate” from an older Xcode version into Xcode 14. Now the template is available.

if you don’t have an earlier Xcode version immediately available. I posted the necessary xctemplate to dropbox for sharing.


Thanks ibrokemymac09!!


You’re Welcome!

It’s definitely time to learn Swift. I’m betting they will be dropping ASObj framework altogether in the future.

Well I’m not sure how Swift can substitute AppleScriptObjC framework…

Or does Swift let you seamlessly integrate .applescript files into Swift projects (that is, so you can call AppleScript handlers from Swift and vice versa, use AppleScript outlets/actions etc.)?


Literally no.

Swift is much more powerful especially with regard to the user interface and user interaction than AppleScriptObjC.

But you can run .script files with NSUserAppleScriptTask – even in a sandbox environment – inclusive calling handlers quite seamlessly in Swift if you write a generic converter from and to NSAppleEventDescriptor.

Ok if jaspersiegers meant using Swift instead of using AppleScriptObjC to perform functions already available in Cocoa via Swift (or Objective-C) - then yes, I totally understand. It’s much better to use the original language.

But if you need to implement complex interaction with other apps via AppleScript - and especially to call your Objective-C classes from within AppleScript and interchange data between them efficiently - then AppleScriptObjC is indispensable.


If AppleScriptObjC was dead then Objective-C would propery also share that destiny.
What I find to be a more concern is Apple’s approach to Automation or focus to what they believe is Automation. Flow based column three approach is not same as flow visual prgramming there users
could extend it use without IDE to compile in other programming language.

In other words less scripting and more point and click approach. Some people may find it useful but I do not think for one minute they are truly scripters.