AppleScriptObjC & Xcode 4 -- where are the compile errors?

I’m just starting with AppleScriptObjC and Xcode 4. where do i find explicit syntax errors? all i see find is a genereal OSACompile Error.

Do I have to jump back and forth to Applescript editor (insane idea)



If you double-click on the red error line, you find the error message, all below The screen. Not very handy but better as nothing I suppose…


Welcome to Xcode 4. The first thing you should do is log bugs about this.

The best you can do is use the contextual menu and choose to edit in an external editor, which will open it in your default script editor. However there’s another wrinkle: if your default is AppleScript Editor, it doesn’t recognise UTF8 files without a BOM, so when you save you risk corrupting the file.

If you use Script Debugger, there is no problem. Otherwise you need to add a BOM to your project class files (Xcode will happily ignore it).

As I said, everyone with a developer account should go to and log bugs on this.

Due to the many complaints about Xcode 4 regarding ASOC, I haven’t even considered installing it. Why do many ASOC coders use Xcode 4? Unless I run Lion, or do special development for iOS 5 that might only be possible with Xcode 4, is there any reason at all to use Xcode 4 instead of Xcode 3?

I suspect they look for a copy of Xcode, see that version 4 is the latest (it’s even in the App Store), and figure that’s what they need. It’s largely people who haven’t used Xcode before, I think (which probably makes it even harder for them).

The main reason for me is that xcode 4 is for C, C++ and Objective-C a big improvement for me. It’s only 1 of the 4 programming language that I use in Xcode (others I program in netbeans on mac) that has only been ‘harder’ for some people here. I have no complaints at all. When working with applescript I first make an script object in script editor for faster development (I also did in the studio era). After Xcode 1.5 the debugger for applescript-studio only got worse so even in studio there was a lot of debugging simply with trial and error.

That’s right, it’s not easy when you are a beginner in ASOC and XCode (3 or 4). but did you have tried CodeWarrior? :wink:

From my point of view, we have colored keyword. Not much, but I had a look at pretty-printing of Objective-C and it just looks like a mad pizza.

For the compile errors of ASOC, I always found the signification of them – they are Applescript errors and (because you get the mistaken line), you should interpret them easily. For the run-time errors, making me slap on the wrist by MacScripters guys forced me learn to read the messages carefully and sometimes find the error by myself.

As an aficionado of System 6.07, I had to admit it is not possible to just hold on what I knew and loved, and that changes are always hard. Xcode is a big example.

So, Shane, if we want to have the right to complain, we have to pay $99 for a year? What about the “reports” sent to Apple when XCode crashes? (yes it CRASHES)

I guess you can look at it like that: freeloaders don’t get a voice :slight_smile: Seriously, I can understand people not wanting to pay the $99, but for those of us curious about what’s coming down the pike, I think it’s money well spent.

The reports don’t say it’s because of their syntax coloring, alas :slight_smile:

OK I just paid. :confused: I’m going to see if it’s worth it. As ApplescriptObjC is mentioned in the features of Lion, maybe I won’t regret it.


So start filing those bugs :slight_smile:

I haven’t gone the $99 route and have always been in the limited free dev program… I was able to get as far as the “New Problem” page at… I didn’t try to submit one yet, so I dunno… Would I be told, when submitting, that I need to be in a paid dev program?

If you can get in, you should be fine.

I’ve been posting some bugs for years using only the free dev program. Gotten a couple replies to them as well.

So I just lost $99. Sigh.

Of course for this price you can look in advance for 10.7 Lion and XCode 4.1. Great. My MacPro behaves just like an oversized iPad. I just have to refrain to drag my fingers on the screen :frowning:

On bug reporting: go to
Registering for developer is free, and I have myself reported lots of bugs/problems over the years on varios topics (mostly AppleScript) using only a free account. Some of the reports (a few) have actually received replies and follow-up (and an eventual fix) some have been silent, some have been said to be a known issue, and some seem to have been simply ignored (to my great disappointment of course). But nevertheless, Apple seem to at least seriously read the reports, and I don’t think free accounts are treated with lower priority (unless that has changed recently). If it is a real bug, they will listen. For feature enhancements though, my “success rate” is less encouraging (meaning mostly ignored). Follow the reporting guidelines and be serious yourself.

With a free account, however, you will not get to see developer previews of the next OS etc, but if you pay you will get that. I have also reported lots of bugs to Adobe, but that feels more like sending messages into outer space… (or a redirect to /dev/null for the nerds) The only team I know have listened has been the Lightroom team, but even then it takes some hard pounding, and a fix may take a year or more.