ApplescriptStudio and Indesign/Xpress


I wrote an interface with Applescript and I am very happy with it. However, my customer wants to add a dropdown list which is obviously impossible to get in one dialog (combined with other stuffs I mean).

So it seems APS is the key but before playing with it, I would like to check the interactivity between a project generated by APS and the applications, my script is interacting with right now.

So could anyone do me a favor and send me a basic dialog with one button that was generated from APS and including that line of code ?

tell application “Adobe Indesign CS5”
display dialog “This is a test”
end tell

I just need to check that using APS is the key.

Thx in adavnce,



you can interact with any application in AppleScript Studio and the new AppleScriptObjC.

Your code sample is not very significant, in both AppleScript environments it’s necessary
to put only Indesign (or XPress) relevant terminology into their application tell block.

AppleScript Studio and AppleScriptObjC have their own versions of display dialog which can
cause problems when used in an application tell block

Hi Stefan,

Thanks a lot for your answer.

As you may know, the users launch the scripts I wrote through internal application menus (/scripts with both Indesign and Xpress). But I can’t figure if something generated with APS could be used that way too or if it’s totally external and requires new habits.
It doesn’t mind me spending time learning and doing but only if I am certain it will do the trick at the end.
Plus I need to give an answer to my customer quite quickly so I would like to be sure of what I am selling to him.

Thanks a lot,


as custom UI elements require the AppKit.framework, the AppleScript Studio and AppleScriptObjC products are applications. You cannot create a .scpt file with enhanced GUI capabilities

Hi Stefan,

Thanks a lot for your answer that is very helpful to me. At least I can exclude an internal use.

Best regards,