While attempting to learn AppleScriptObjC, I noticed that I kept searching through these forums, blog posts, and other sources for information since Apple’s documentation is sparse at the moment. I typically keep notes when writing scripts and I comment my code heavily. When I noticed my notes file on AppleScriptObjC start to expand into several pages and frustrated with searching for information, I thought that it would be great to have a resource where AppleScripters could post their tips, tricks, and other pieces of advice on all things AppleScript, similar to the resource that Cocoa developers have at

So I created AppleScriptWiki, a WikiWikiWeb site that I hope will become a resource for AppleScript developers. I invite everyone to post their tips, tricks, and other nuggets of information so that others can find the information they need. I plan to post all of my notes to the site as time permits.

Thanks for reading and I hope you participate.

Warm regards,

Larry Staton Jr.

Model: MacBook Pro
AppleScript: 2.0
Browser: WebKit Nightly
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)


I get an ‘Access denied’ message when trying to open the website.

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Thanks, Martin. Let me check my log files. I’m seeing the site just fine over here.

Martin -

It appears that your IP has been blacklisted by Has this happened to you on other Web sites? I may need to turn off that check!

Hi Larry,

I am surfing the web via DSL provided by a known German internet company, so there should be no problem :smiley:

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Hi Larry, hi Martin,

I am surfing the web via DSL provided by a known German internet company too, but I have no problem by trying to open the website.

Best regards from Germany


Finally, a wiki. There are so many great gems of information on this site and I always think of CocoaDev’s success in their own wiki.

In the past, almost a dozen times now, I’ve used pbwiki. I tried quite a few of the free ones out a few years ago, needing a wiki that didn’t require much knowledge of some mark up/down/left/right-like syntax but also had some power.

Maybe setup one there?