Application Alert Tracking - dock bounce

Hey all,

In os x when an application needs your attention it bounces on the dock. I’m running this application remotely and would like to be alerted when the application needs my attention so I can resolve the issue and let it proceed.


  1. is there way to capture when an application needs attention?

any help would be appreciated.

I don’t know if this is true, but when the dock bounces maybe the dock process spikes in processor usage. If so then you could write a stay-open applications that watches the dock process using system events. When the processor usage of the dock spikes you know something is bouncing and alert yourself.

well thanks for the reply. The problem is if the application is idle this works great to baseline the spike. But since the application is active the processor utilization would fluctuate and make it almost impossible to see if it was due to the dock bounce or processing of the images.