Application becomes background process

OK, so my application was working all fine and dandy yesterday. Today, I went into IB and added one new window. Then I scripted all its elements (nothing out of the ordinary, two text views, a popup button and a normal button). When I chose Build & Go to test the app, it launched as a background process. It doesn’t appear in the dock. When I click on the window that is there, the buttons at the top left light up and I don’t get a beach ball at any time.

My plist does not contain the NSUIElement of the LSUIElement keys. In fact, I haven’t done anything to it at all save look at it to find out if those two were in there.

Any suggestions?

Did you try cleaning and rebuilding your project? If that doesn’t work, try manually moving your “Build” folder out of the project directory and clean/rebuild. You might also try setting your build phase to “Release” if you haven’t already.

Let us know how it turns out, and good luck…

None of that worked, but I ended up solving the problem by creating a new Xcode project and copying the scripts and the nib over into it.
I guess this was just some random glitch, since what I edited (the script and the nib) must not have been the cause of the problem if they work in the new project…