application running in a managed environment

I don’t know if this is the correct forum for my question but…

I’ve written an application that is going to be used entirely by a managed user. The user is limited to using only specific apps., mine included. But when I put a check beside my app in System Prefs. it becomes unchecked as soon as I close the window and the managed user doesn’t have permission to launch the app. Even if I allow all the applications it still unchecks my app after closing System Prefs.

I’ve heard something about a plist entry that supposedly fixes this problem, however I don’t know what it is. Does anybody have any insight on this?


I’d say install security cameras at all angles of the room focused on the user, in a sort of panopticon system, and if necessary tie the user’s feet to a chair with rope.

Interesting, but on the other hand…

I just read on Apple’s support page that this particular scenario happens when an application does not have a Bundle ID assigned to it. There is a fix for existing applications but it is a very complicated process. Since I built the app myself I should be able to assign the Bundle ID.

Anyone know how?