apply PICT preview

I have an eps file with a TIFF preview but I want the eps to have a PICT preview how can I change the Preview type ?


Some more information about your eps may prove useful. What created the file? Personally I go the other way and want tiff preview. Works better with some app’s if you cross platform the files. Any how if your files are photoshop images you could just open and write back over original. Your links in other app’s would of cause be modified.

set inputFolder to choose folder with prompt "Where's the folder with the EPS files?" without invisibles
tell application "Finder"
	set filesList to (files of inputFolder whose file type is "EPSF" and creator type is "8BIM")
end tell
repeat with aFile in filesList
	tell application "Finder"
		set theFile to aFile as alias
	end tell
	tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS2"
		set display dialogs to never
		open theFile
		save current document in file (aFile as string) as Photoshop EPS with options ¬
			{class:EPS save options, embed color profile:true, encoding:binary, preview type:eight bit Mac OS}
		close current document
	end tell
end repeat

Hi mm

Like Mark mentions could do with knowing the App!
However if your talking Quark then i think (Not 100%:/) that if your saving page as an eps then what ever you changed your preview to last
will be created when you say:

include preview:true

you can’t set it in the script itself the actual kind of preview.
so just save your first doc with a PICT Preview then everyone after that you save should be the same.

Hope this helps…

Pidge, with Quark I think if you set EPS format to “PC color” then include preview will result in tiff instead of pict

Mark, Pidge

I am exporting to EPS from Indesign 2.0 and I need to apply the preview format. it defaults to Tiff so all the pages were i need a tiff preview are good. There is no option in 2.0 to select the preview format of the eps when exporting so I am trying to figure out if there is some other way to get the preview to PICT format without adding the complications of opening it up in illustrator or photoshop and re-saving it.

now here is the code I was trying to use to set the preview and although it does appear to work when I check the preview format it is always Tiff

set clientWorkFolderPath to (path to desktop)
set QuarkFileName to "test"
tell application "InDesign 2.0.2"
	set previewFormat to " PICT"
	ignoring application responses
		export front document to ("" & clientWorkFolderPath & QuarkFileName & ".eps") format EPS type with showing options
		delay 2
		tell application "System Events"
			tell application process "InDesign 2.0.2"
				click of pop up button 3 of window 1
				perform action "AXPress" of menu item previewFormat of menu 1 of pop up button 3 of window 1
				click of pop up button 3 of window 1
				keystroke return & return
			end tell
		end tell
	end ignoring
end tell

if you can think of any other way to get this done it would be greatly appreciated

ohh and yes you can apply the preview format in Quark

like this

set clientWorkFolderPath to (path to desktop)
set QuarkFileName to ("" & clientWorkFolderPath & "test.eps")
set previewFormat to "Mac Color" -- this changes in quaark 7 to  PICT and TIFF 
tell application "QuarkXPress"
	save page 1 of document 1 in QuarkFileName EPS format previewFormat EPS data binary EPS OPI include images
end tell

thanks for your help

Hey Guys!

Well i did say i wasn’t 100% on the quark PICT preview.

We don’t have that version of indesign so not sure how you would do it.
the properties of the EPS export preference in CS2 do have a preview.
I’m sure it won’t work in your version of indesign but you can have a look into it if you want:

EPS export preference‚n : EPS export preferences
applied flattener preset (flattener preset) : The flattener preset
bleed bottom (number or string) : Amount to image below the defined page size
bleed inside (number or string) : Amount to image inside the defined page size
bleed outside (number or string) : Amount to image outside the defined page size
bleed top (number or string) : Amount to image above the defined page size
class (type class, r/o) : The class descriptor type
data format (ASCII/binary) : The format of data sent to the printer
EPS color (RGB/CMYK/gray/unchanged color space/postscript color management) : The EPS color space
EPS spreads (boolean) : Whether to export the pages as spreads
font embedding (none/complete/subset) : Control how fonts are embedded to the exported EPS
ignore spread overrides (boolean) : Whether to ignore flattener spread overrides
image data (all image data/proxy image data) : Control how much image data is exported to the EPS
object reference (EPS export preference, r/o) : An object reference for this EPS export preference
omit bitmaps (boolean) : Replace bitmap images with OPI links
omit EPS (boolean) : Replace EPS images with OPI links
omit PDF (boolean) : Replace PDF images with OPI links
OPI image replacement (boolean) : Whether to print graphics that are either linked using OPI comments or OPI comments stored in imported EPS files
page range (anything) : The range of pages. Can return: all pages or string.
parent (reference, r/o) : The EPS export preference's parent
PostScript level (level 2/level 3) : The level of PostScript to send to the printer
preview (none/TIFF preview/PICT preview) : the type of preview to save with the exported EPS
properties (record) : Property that allows setting of several properties at the same time

it something to try after all!

sorry i couldn’t be of more help!!

mm, I only have IDCS2 but from what I see here there is an EPS export preference class under the “Preferences Suite” and all options of the dialog are there. So you should be able to make Flattener Preset then include this in the EPS export options. Preview is an option I hope this is the same in ID2 if that was what you meant.