archive utility

i am starting to do AppleScript and I need help with a utility I am writing.
(I had written an archive program in Linux but need to do it in OSX now!)
Here’s the problem.
I need help building a script that will FIND the partial name of a folder(s), MOVE that folder(s) to a preset folder, CREATE a new folder inside that one and grab the files from a folder (SAME PARTIAL NAME) in a remote server to group them for archive. (the remote server shares can be mounted to the Volumes directory in OS X)

any help will be deeply appreciated
thanks in advance.

I hope you learn Applescript and love it, but if you’re just getting started, maybe you’d be better to code this in a language you already know. What’s your linux version? Java? Shell Script? Those will both be easy to tweak so that they run under MacOS. Show us some code if you have problems.

thanks digest4d,

well, i decided to get my hands into applescript using xcode and have part of my equation solved!..i used a sample script from a user in this forum and modified it to fit my goal.

i was so impressed with the simplicity of applescript that i decided to use xcode to turn it into an application with GUI and all…my script works free-standing but if I ‘enclose’ it in a button I get an error.

Sample code:

on clicked theObject
set a_folder to “path:to_my_folder:ALLJOBS”
set b_folder to “path:to_my_folder:TOBACKUP” – archive folder
set j_num to contents of text field “jobnumber” – there’s a text input field
tell application “Finder”
move (every folder of a_folder whose name begins with j_num) to b_folder
end tell
end clicked

Xcode builds it ok but when i type in the number in the field and press my button i get:
NSCannotCreateScriptCommandError (10)

any ideas,