Are all these EPS files okay?

Can someone suggest the best way to script this? I want to verify the integrity of 6000+ EPS files without having to determine if they successfully open and close in Photoshop. Does sips or some related developer app do this? Or is Photoshop really the only way to go?

Thanks very much…

  • Dan

What do you need to check them for? Flight Check might do the job, especially if you are checking for color space, resiolution, etc. If you need to see if they will print, then dump them into a Quark or InDesign file and see if it prints. If you need to see if PhotoShop will open them then you probably need to open them in PhotoShop. You could script this, using on error routines to catch the file names that error out, and either save or move the files to an “OK” folder. It might be best to use the Save As command in case there is a proplem with the file, but PhotoShop can still open it. For buildin such a script it would be advantagious to have at least one “bad” file to make sure it is working correctly.

I just want to see if they’re valid (uncorrupted) EPS files. What I’m starting with are 6000+ (eventually 18000+) self-extracting files that I’ve scripted to unstuff, but there have been a handful of hiccups in the script (which has run off and on for several weeks) where StuffIt Deluxe had a problem unstuffing a file but the “on error” part of the try block didn’t trigger for some reason. For some it did trigger, but I can’t figure out why some do and some don’t.

As a result, I’ve got 6000 EPS files, 98%+ are probably good but I don’t know which aren’t, and they are to be cataloged into an image database that our customers have access to.

Thanks for the response Jerome - I think you’re probably right, I’ll just script them to open and close and Photoshop. It’ll take forever but that’s probably the only reliable alternative.