ARRGGHHH...NIB file won't open!!

Ok, all of the sudden my main nib file will not open anymore…when i try and open it it just says Could not open MainMenu.nib.

Has this happended to anyone or does anyone know how to fix it??
If your answer is yes i can fix it…it’s called re-doing the whole thing…well i just might cry

:o Bummer, dude. :o

While I have heard rumors that people have recovered from this sort of problem, there are MANY occassions when the file is lost for good. The first place I would start is to quit and restart both Xcode and IB. IB also keeps a backup of your nib, which should be named “MainMenu~.nib” in the same folder as your main nib. You can try copying that one and naming it “MainMenu.nib” and trying to open that one, although I’ve had no success with this either. If that has no effect, I’m afraid to say that you may have to rework the whole thing.

Hopefully this will teach you two things…

  1. Always keep backups of your projects.
  2. Always keep backups of your projects.

I periodically clean my project and then make a backup of the entire project folder… nibs, scripts, images… everything. Better to have a bunch of extra folders around than to lose it all if either the nib or the project goes sour. Never assume that you won’t have a problem, because they DO HAPPEN!!!

Good luck,

Have you looked at the console for any error messages? Post them here if you find any.

Also, the unix tool nibtool can apparently be used to verify a nib file. Have a look at its man page for more information.
But first, look at the console.

just opended the back up file…seems to work fine! yay!!!:cool:
Thanks guys:D