AS and Excel 2008

Does anyone have any experience scripting Excel 2008? I’m still using Excel X for Mac SR1 and, amazingly, it supports the Script Editor’s “record” function, a huge leg-up in writing a quick script. Does Excel 2008 still support recording from the Script Editor?

There are many people around here who have experience scripting Excel 08, and to that end Im surprised you hadn’t received a response, but no I do not believe that it is recordable.

It is not recordable…:frowning:

Wow. Old thread. Excel X, which is probably circa 2002 is scriptable and recordable and works in OS 10.6. Later versions, including Excel 2008 are scriptable but not recordable. If you have both, you can record in an earlier version and use some of that code to script a later version.

Actually, that doesn’t work so well because when you open the script from the old Excel the script editor opens the new Excel’s dictionary and converts everythng to the «command» notation because most of the commands have changed names or syntax.

I’m in the same boat as the OP, and I’ve had to play some tricks with the script editor, rename the old Excel, etc. in order to line-by-line, command-by-command, convert the syntax. Messy, messy operation.

If you know some trick, do tell!

I really do miss recordability, made trying to get at Excel’s cryptic syntax alot easier. I think recordability has gone the way of the Do Do for the most part, which is a shame. I can remember in the pre-OS X days when most mainstream programs could be recorded. :frowning:

Oh yeah. Yuck. I see what you mean. I had thought things were portable but I must not have tried that. I’m actually pretty content with my Excel X from 2002. The newer versions of the application don’t add anything I need and the old one works fine in OS 10.6.4. I just hope it keeps working across more OS X upgrades.

Given Excel’s general lameness, I often cut and paste large chunks of data out of it and into TextWrangler where I can use Grep in addition to AS to affect the data.