AS for Shake's flipbook - using Terminal ?


Here what I do normally:

I’m a shake user . . .

When a want to play a image sequence, by using shake’s flipbook, that I just rendered on our network, I go browse the network, using the finder, and when I got the folder where my image sequence is in, I drag&drop the first file in a “Terminal shell” where I had pre-type “shake” in.

And then, I go back and change the end of the file to better suit my needs. See EX:

So after I have type “shake” and add the drag&drop in the Terminal it give me that:

shake /Volumes/Projects/BeachDream/VFX/BD0013_00/BD0013_003/2D/Comp/hi/BD0013_003_b03b/BD0013_003_b03b.0001.tga

After a bit of editing manually:

shake /Volumes/Projects/BeachDream/VFX/BD0013_00/BD0013_003/2D/Comp/hi/BD0013_003_b03b/BD0013_003_b03b.####.tga -t 1-75

So, as you see, I change the zero at the end of the file for .####. and add -t 1-75 wich is the number of frame that folder contain. And that tell the flipbook the range of frame to open and play.

I press “enter” and a “shake flipbook” open and load up that serie of frame that I can now play in realTime.It is fast and convenient.

Here the question:

Would it be possible to have a “AS icon” where a could, let say… Drag & Drop the folder that my images sequence are in and it will automatically do the “Terminal things” for me ? It will just open the flipbook in question with the good frame range wich always correspond to the amount of frame in the folder.

thanks for your Help


Yes, in Applescript there is a command “do shell script” which will probably work for you.


do shell script "ls /"