[AS][IDCS4] converting text to bulleted list

Is anyone familiar with how to convert a line of text into a bulleted list using applescript? I can find “convert bulleted list to text” but not the other way around. It appears to be a property that needs to be set (and not an action), but I can’t figure out how to call upon or set the property. The scenario would be the user has a line of text highlighted and uses the script to apply a bullet list style that will set the appropriate tabs for them.

Any and all info is greatly appreciated.

To set the property of the paragrah to a bullet list use:

set bullets and numbering list type of paragraph 2 of text frame 1 of document 1 to bullet list

I played around with setting the tab stop, but didn’t get it right away. Will try again when I have more time.

Thanks, this is a great start!!