AS Library and dictionary


We will be distributing a bunch of apple scripts (either in compiled form or otherwise). These scripts are basically libraries, with script classes and functions written. The user of these scripts will be able to instantiate those classes and call those functions.

Is it possible to write AS dictionary defining those classes and functions? If so, any hints, or steps would be greatly useful. The only thing to keep it in mind is that our code is completely in Applescript.

Thanks again,

Hi Aman,

the only way to create a real AppleScript dictionary is to write a Scripting Addition,
you can find an overview here.

Thanks. Can I include applescripts in scripting addition, or do I have to write complete scripting addition in objective c/cocoa.


I’m not very familiar with this issue,
as far as I know you can include AppleScript code, but the major part must be written in Obj-C anyway.