AS Newbie needs help: Run a finder FIND using applescript

I’ve made a filemaker database to help our art department organize and keep up with our various layouts and Marcomm materials. Without getting into the gory details, it has a screen shot, designer name, dates, etc. It also has the file name that the document is saved as.

Since Filemaker can run an applescript via a button, I would like to make a script that when a user clicks on a button under the filename field, it opens up a finder FIND (apple+F) enters the file name, and runs a search in “everywhere”. I’ve searched and searched, and can’t find anything at all that seems to indicate that FIND can be scripted. I would think it should have been an incredibly simple script.

basically tellfinder find everywhere <>.

Does anyone have any ideas? I’m down to begging for help, after searching most of the day yesterday came up with zilch.


-Jason W

Try this osax from:

I just got a copy of the pre-OSX versionand it’s excellent. It allows for a variety of parameters to be used and completely bypasses Sherlock. It’s not free but not too pricey either. (Now if I can get my boss to cough up the 30 bucks! But it’s definitely worth it even if I have to out of pocket it myself.)



It seems silly to have to buy software to do what would seem to be a fundamental function of applescript… but if it works, I think I could convince him to cough up the $30.

If anyone else has any ideas how to actually script this straight with applescript, I’d still love to hear it.

-Jason W