AS newbie: Script to delete earlier messages in thread?

Hi all,

I’ve searched high & low, but can’t find any app or script anywhere that will do what I’m after. But it must surely be possible … ?

In, I want to be able to archive the last/ latest message in a discussion thread while deleting all the earlier ones. e.g. I’ve been discussing a certain matter with a colleague where we’ve dialogued back and forth a few times, and each message has quoted the whole discussion so far. I want to keep the final message (whether sent or received) as a record of the entire exchange, but delete the individual messages along the way (both sent and received).

Logically it seems to me that if can highlight a discussion thread with a blue colour label, it couldn’t be that hard to script the operation I’m looking for. But I’m a non-geek and far too AS-challenged to figure it out myself.

Can anyone help me out? Thanks.