AS-S and Bindings...

Hello everyone … :slight_smile:

I have a small problem with “AppleScript-Studio” and “Bindings”. In “Interface Builder”, I added an instance of “NSObjectController” to manage some operations in the main window of my project.

The idea is to put on or off (enabled / disabled) some buttons according to the choice made by the user in a “popup menu”.

So, once all “Bindings” made, when I test in IB everything works perfectly, depending on the choice made in the “popup menu”, all buttons concerned change their state “enabled/disabled”.

But oddly, when I realize the compilation of my project in XCode, nothing works about “Bindings” in the interface of the application.

So, is that I have set something in IB or XCode so “Bindings” be taken into account in the compilation?
What should I do to make it work as well as in IB?

Thank you all for your help :slight_smile: