AS Studio App and finder time out.

Hi Everyone,

I’ve built a little studio application which handles a bunch of menial tasks related to importing data about large numbers of files into filemaker, and also copies great wads of images into neat structued folders on my server.
The latter part is handled by

tell application “Finder”
copy (every item of folder sf) to folder df
end tell

where sf is the source folder and df is the destination folder.

All is well when Im testing little batches of images - but when I start throwing examples of the real task I’m trying to achieve - batches of 15-30 gb, I start getting erratic behaviour.

My script is meant to sit and wait patiently until the copy is complete - then carry on with its business. However, I get timeout problems and Im at a loss as to how to fix them.

Does anyone have any ideas? (have I described my issue in enough detail?)

Thanks in advance


Hi - Just to be more specific,

A little while into the copy process, I receive an error -1712

Which is, I believe “Apple event timed out”




Try putting your codes inside the “with timeout of xxx seconds” and “end timeout” block and see what happens. Make sure to specify your time xxx long enough for your task to be completed. Otherwise, you will get hit again with the “Apple Event timed out” problem.

Good luck.

archseed :slight_smile: