AS Studio References

Can someone please suggest some reference materials and hopefully some example laden tutorials so that I can start playing with AS Studio? I have no experience with Xcode or with the Interface builder. But most of it looks like drag and drop, at least for the interface elements. What I don’t really have a clue about is what all the pieces mean or how they are supposed to work. I would like to read up somewhere about how this process is supposed to work. Then I want to learn how to do it.

Another thread was saying how to hide a secure input (all bullets). In reading that I realized, I have no clue how to use AS Studio. Therefore my first project will be to set up a script that checks for a password, overwrites the field with the bullets, and then if OK, opens another program.

Any pointers as to what to read, or how to do this, would be appreciated.



From AS Studio help pages:

What You Should Already Know

This document assumes that you have some familiarity with AppleScript and know how to write and execute scripts.

Previous experience building applications with an integrated development environment is also recommended�familiarity with Xcode and Interface Builder is especially useful.

Previous experience with Cocoa is not required, but can be helpful in understanding some of AppleScript Studio�s underlying mechanisms.

Well for me I learn things on need-to-know basis - first I took a look at a couple of sample apps in /Developer/Examples/AppleScript Studio, just to get some rough idea. I then plunged into Xcode and start coding. Whenever I don’t know something, I tried to glean the relevant bits from the sample code, and then documentation (AppleScript Studio Terminology Reference is right at your fingertips). If all things failed, there’s always MacScripter BBS and Jon :wink:

There’re somethings that are not particular intuitive for newbies like me, such as how one connects things from one widget to another (cotrol-clicking and dragging).

(EDIT: to this day I still don’t know what “delegate” means - I’ll know when I need to know)

I don’t have any Obj-C/Cocoa background, so my experience is probably an encouraging example. (although I’m still swearing at AS from time to time)

We have some tips at our FAQ section:
Some useful links at our Links section:
And finally, this forum! If you ask something as “How can I create a password field, then use it from my code?”, you will be answered (most probably). However, just don’t ask this question: use the Search link and you’ll find it already answered… :wink: