AS with bash shell commands

Hi List!

First of all are there any good bash script refs/tutorials that you guys can recommend?

Here is what I try to do…
I have a database with folder structures which are all the same.
For example folder 001 has subfolders pics / orig / temp
The next folder 002 has the same subfolders and so on.

I need to check the temp folder of every dataset.
I files exist in temp I have to get the youngest of the files
and compare it to the current date.

If the file is older than a specific number of days (e.g. 60 Days)
the content of the temp folder needs to be deleted.

Did it in pure AS I only ran into problems (see my missing value post) and its really slow.
Is it possible to do it with bash commands and regular expressions?! :?:
Any help appreciated!!!
Thanks, Pat