ASObjc and CoreData, SQlite, XML, NSData, NSArray, NSDictionary ...

while learning more about Xcode I’m understanding the Model, View, Controller concept.
And that the Model is the start of it all.

In one script i’m working on it is dealing with a bunch of different groups of data.
Each of these Entities (Groups) will have a simple one to one relationship with each
item it contains that I’d like to have a reference to.
I will be using either Dictionaries or Records to for each item in each Group.
I would like to be able to find items in data that match the value of two records in each item.
And then get the index of those items and I can go from there.

The different Data container options:
Looking into CoreData Modeling seems like it’s going to be a bit more of a learning curve
for me at this point and seems like it will require some ObjC programming.

I’ve looked into Sqlite and Shane’s Library and this seems great. But again will take me
a bit of learning curve for me to apply this.

I’m leaning towards NSArray and NSDictionary and using Predicate Filtering
and some of BridgePlus’s functions on finding index’s.
In Xcode I Array and Dictionary Controller Objects available for Interface Builder.
Will I be able to use those?

Any advice on above?

Regarding the relationships:
I’m thinking that they way to establish this is to use
(borrowing from XML and Sqlite terms) a “Key” or “Primary Key” , “Parent Key” etc.
So would it make sense to just add a few additional Dictionary Keys to my Items
that include Values I need about the items relationships?


Start off using NSArray (or NSSet) and NSDictionary, and see how it goes. If nothing else, it will be a good chance to learn about them. CoreData is a pretty huge jump.

It’s good to plan your approach, but the reality is that plans often change drastically as you start working on it. Be prepared to refactor regularly.

Thanks I’ll do that.
I’m familiar with them and now just need to get more comfortable with NSPredicate.

Yeah thru understanding MVC I’ve realized how important it is to plan stuff out 1st.
I had just started knowing in my head what I wanted to do and just started to build each
programming section as I went along. And I ended up going too far.
What I did was end up building a massive array of dictionaries that had every
“Filtered” possiblity in it. And when I look at it nowit totally the wrong approach.
I should set it up so that I should just Query the data I currently have and build a way
smaller Array of results. Yes back to the drawing board. At least I can reuse bits of the code.
And again this is why I’m asking these questions before I continue!