AsObjC breaks vanilla Applescript code

Hopefully I’ll be able to define my problem as clearly as possible.

It often happens that longer scripts (touching 6000+ paragraphs but also below),
which before compiled perfectly don’t “like” to compile anymore after trivial code changes,
if they have AsObjC handlers in it.
(This “code changes” are anything from code improvements to code additions)
Script editor refused to safe with the error reason of overflow mostly.
Even removing bigger parts of vanilla applescript code didn’t help to compile my working code again.

A workaround I found was to add line breaks but that worked only so far as I was lucky enough to find the right line to insert the break. Thereafter my code compiled again and I could save my script instead to revert to the last working code.

ASObjC handlers have become increasingly more important in my overall coding practice but this compile-bugs bother me pretty much.
I’m not sure how to define this problem more closely as described. The vanilla code I write adds something that AsObjC doesn’t like. But it’s simple code I add… Strange

Maybe somebody knows already steps to avoid annoying and frustrating situations like that?

FWIW, I reckon 6000+ lines is way too much, regardless of the composition.

To be exact, code starts to break at 6500
But this isn’t related to AsObjC

With vanilla Applescript I hadn’t any problems ever. AsObjC modifies that, as adding line breaks helps to get my code (AsObjC and vanilla together) to be compiled again. This workaround helps sometimes not always.

Sometimes I tried to clean up the composition of my code and moved handlers around to have everything grouped in a better logical overview. Moving handlers or adding code breaks the composition and hinders me to compile and safe the script.
An odd behavior to me.