AsObjC: Parse XML content as Record sample

Assuming all child members of the node has string value.

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use AppleScript version "2.4" -- Yosemite (10.10) or later
use framework "Foundation"
use scripting additions

set theXML to "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>
   <BrightSignVar name=\"CurrentLetter\">W</BrightSignVar>
       <body>Don't forget me this weekend!</body>
   <BrightSignVar name=\"CurrentUserName\">&Q&W&Q&W&Q&W&Q&W</BrightSignVar>

set parentNodeName to "note"
set {childNames, childValues} to my childrenNamesAndValues:{theXML, parentNodeName}
my recordFromLabelsAndValues:{childNames, childValues}

on childrenNamesAndValues:{theXML, parentNodeName}
	set {theXMLDoc, theError} to my (NSXMLDocument's alloc()'s initWithXMLString:theXML ¬
		options:(my NSXMLDocumentTidyHTML) |error|:(reference))
	set {theMatches, theError} to ¬
		theXMLDoc's nodesForXPath:("//" & parentNodeName) |error|:(reference)
	if theMatches = missing value then error (theError's localizedDescription() as text)
	tell (theMatches's firstObject()'s children()) to ¬
		set {childNames, childValues} to {its |name|, its stringValue}
end childrenNamesAndValues:

on recordFromLabelsAndValues:{theseLabels, theseValues}
	set theResult to my (NSDictionary's dictionaryWithObjects:theseValues forKeys:theseLabels)
	return theResult as record
end recordFromLabelsAndValues: