AsObjC UI elements

AsObjC is a great help .
I try to update my old way to script, so 2 questions:

A) it’s possible to invoke a drag n drop UI through AsObjC?

Of course, I could drag n drop items on my stay-open Applescript application. Or, create a labeled path control with Shane’s Dialog toolkit, but… Invoking a nice, big drag n drop field inside As would be… Great :slight_smile:

B) The other question is whether it is possible to create a menulet (those little service icons on the right side of our main screen to bar), so related to AsObjC.

If I understand you correctly, the Enhanced Applet option in Script Debugger could be what you are looking for.

I’m fairly sure code for such a thing has been posted on this forum (they’re called NSStatusItem, if that helps your search).