Assign Keyboard Shortcuts To AppleScript

I am sure this have been discussed here multiple times …
but I searched in the database and I didn’t find the “best” solution.

So I wonder which is the best way to trigger an applescript using a shortcut.
I know I can use Automator to make a service, but is there any better way to do that?

Thanks !


This seems good !

  1. Click Applications

  2. Scroll down and click Utilities

  3. Click Script Editor (this was called AppleScript Editor in older OS X versions)

  4. Click the “Script Editor” menu item, then click “Preferences…”

  5. On the Preferences dialog click “Show Script menu in menu bar”

Browser: Safari 537.36 OPR/52.0.2871.64
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.13 Developer Beta 3)