asterisks in the dialog box on Panther

Hi everyone.

I’ve read that you can do something like this:

display dialog "Hi" default answer "sup" with hidden answer

but I think it must only work on Tiger, because it doesn’t even compile in my Script Editor. If anyone knows why or how to do it on panther, please let me know. Thanks.

It’s new in Tiger, and to get it to work in Tiger it has to be stated:

tell application "System Events" to display dialog "Hi" default answer "sup" with hidden answer

Perhaps it appeared in later versions of Panther too, I can’t remember.

so there’s no way to do it in panther without AppleScript studio?

Not that I know of; there was certainly lots of chat about not being able to do it, and I think you had to resort to a shell script method, but again, can’t recall.

All right. Thanks for your help. I’ll keep looking.