At Close of Script #1, Leave Some Easy Trigger for Script #2

I have a script that does prep work for a certain frequent work flow. I have another script that I use later in the same workflow. Much later.

It’s trivial effort, obviously, to launch the second script when required. But the script tinkerer in me makes me curious about bridging that gap.

For example, I might incorporate the two scripts into one, and add a Yes/No dialog box…and leave the box lingering while I do the intermediary work, finally hitting “Yes” when ready to continue.

That might not be ideal. Dialog box might time out, other Mac functions may be unavailable or flakey due to the open process, and searching for the dialog box amid all my windows might be as much work as simply launching the second script would have been!

Is there a better way to do this? Maybe stay with two scripts, let the first terminate, but leave some, Idunno, button in the corner of my screen I can press to launch the second script.

Yes, I realize this is a laughable scheme to save myself from trivial work (but isn’t that what all scripting is, in the end?).

First of all, welcome on

You present an user case familiar to yourself.
Nobody will be able to help unless you show your script, be pragmatic.

Only looking at your code allows us to see how we can connect script 1 with script 2, if certain conditions are met.

I think you need to reread my posting. I’m not asking anybody to connect anything.