Attach script to open handler function in MultiAd Creator

I was reading up on the documentation on MultiAd Creator and it said you could attach a script to run everytime a document was opened. Through further investigation, I have found no documentation on how to do this. Could someone please assist me?
Thanks very much.

I believe if you simply place the script in:


any script in there runs when a doc is loaded

I gave that a shot but it didn’t run the script. Is there a handler I need to insert within the script in order to get it to run? This is the script. It is designed to tell the user if the doc mod date is more than a week old.

on open
	tell application "MultiAd Creator Pro"
		set DocAlias to the folder of front document
		set DocTitle to the name of front document
	end tell
	set DocName to DocAlias & DocTitle as string
	set DocName to DocName as alias
	set DocInfo to get info for DocName
	set ModifDate to modification date of DocInfo
	set CurrentDate to current date
	set isItOld to CurrentDate - (7 * days)
	if ModifDate ≤ isItOld then
		tell application "MultiAd Creator Pro"
			display dialog "Ad is a repeat, do not save over it"
		end tell
	end if
end open

I gave this a shot but to no avail.