Attached Panel not Centering

I am attaching a panel to an other window but for some reason the panel is not centering on the window.

property panelWIndow : missing value

on panel ended theObject with result withResult
end panel ended

on launched theObject
	if panelWIndow is equal to missing value then
		load nib "LoginPanel"
		set panelWIndow to window "LoginPanel"
	end if
	display panel panelWIndow attached to window "main"
end launched

The project can be fetched from

I have tried centering, re-sizing but all it does is load to the left of the Main Window. :frowning:

Model: MacBookPro
Browser: Firefox 3.0.10
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)

I am pretty sure that the only way (or at least the easiest way) is to have your panel and main windows in the same nib file. I am not sure that you can attach a panel to a window using two different nibs.

Hi Craig,

I am basing my code of the example “Display Panel” found in /Developer/Examples/AppleScriptStudio/

I can certainly see there are two nib files in that project. :frowning:

Hi jeffery,

the problem is, you have two nibs named “LoginPanel.nib” in your project for some reason.
Delete the one on the top level, make sure that the AppleScript name for the window is right, clear the target (⇧⌘K) and complile

Hi Stefan,

I noticed that extra nib in the project after uploading the example in this post. I removed it and still I had the same issue.

However your Shift + Command + k key combination did the trick. You learn something everyday :slight_smile: Thanks!!!