[Attaching Folder Actions] - Script Not Available

Hey guys,

I was following this tutorial http://macscripter.net/articles/444_0_10_0_C/ and ran into what is probably a really silly problem. I’ve created my script and dropped it into HD/Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts directory which was suggested in the tutorial comments.

Then using Applescript Utility I added the folder I would like to add the script to, however when I attempted to add the actual script it wasn’t available. So it seems somewhere I should be adding that script besides simply dropping the script file in that folder.

I’m running searches on “adding a script” etc, so if this is something that can be resolved easily by searching I apologize in advance.


You should be dropping it into ~/Library/Scripts/Folder Actions/ creating that folder if necessary. Two things: the name of the folder is Folder Actions, and the location is in your Users Library. The Folder Action Scripts folder is a bunch of Apple-supplied AppleScripts, not the target folder.


Thanks so much :lol: