Auto-backup a library of files to DL-DVD with TOAST

I’m setting up a Mac Mini Media Centre to go under my tv. I’m aiming to automate as much of it as possible and I’ve spent a big chunk of time perfecting the DVD ripping and encoding stage from a guide on another forum (see This allows me to insert DVDs, have them ripped and ejected automatically.

My library itself will be stored on an external drive. A combination of financial limitations and capacity limitations has led me to the conclusion that the best way to backup my library is to burn files to DL-DVDs and archive them.

I want a system which will work like this:

If this system could be set up, the execution could be automated using cron and therefore the only interaction it would require would be the insertion of blank discs.

From what I can see this script can be broken down into a few sections

  1. Grabs all unlabelled files/folders from external drive and (launches Toast) sends them to Toast
  2. Toast burns discs, spanning if necessary
  3. Quits Toast, and labels burned items/folders in finder

I have limited experience of scripting although I can usually cobble things together when I’m determined. I’m pretty sure this project could be useful for other people too. Is there any software out there that does incremental DVD backups? I’ve looked at Get Backup 2 and haven’t made any headway there. So I think scripting is my last resort. Please voice opinions, ideas, criticisms etc. Many thanks.


this is a classical naive fallacy

one DVD-DL with 8,5 GB costs about 1$ → 100 GB about 12$ → 1 TB about 120$
a 1 TB hard disk drive, which is much more reliable of long duration than a DVD is available for 90$.
the price performance ratio of a 2 TB hard disk drive is still better for the benefit of the hard disk.


I can confirm that buying a fat-ass hard drive saves you much, much more money than buying DVDs, esp the DL ones (even if you buy em by the 100s or 500s). Keep in mind that DVDs only have like a 10-year life span, which is awfully short compared to the money invested.

Plus it’s always a pain to store and organize them, and since I used to be like you and actually started burning everything, it cost me a REAL fortune.

I’ve never been better off than since I bought a 1To external HD. I can take it everywhere with me, doesnt take much space in my room… you know ?

AND AND AND ! the positive is that you wouldnt have to come up with this somewhat complicated script, which, correct me if I’m wrong, seems impossible for some things