Auto connect script ?

I am looking for a script that would watch the status of my PPP connection and re-connect the mac to the net everytime the connection is broken. My DSL provider in France disconnects us once avery 24 hours.

Save this as a “Stay open” app:

if (PPP status)'s state ? "connected" then PPP connect -- Or "RA" instead of "PPP" 
return 10 -- Or however often you want to check 
end idle

I should have added - in case you don’t realise it - that you will need an appropriate osax (so I hope you are not in X). If you do not have one of the Scripting Additions with these commands then I suggest you download “Remote Access Commands”.

Thank you Andreas, I am in X ! BTW, what’s the appropriate osax ?

Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear. Those are the words that scripters shudder to hear for the moment.
“Osax” is just jargon for “Scripting Addition” - so the appropriate osax would be as above. BUT, BUT, BUT - I’m really sorry, Jose, but almost no osaxen (that’s the plural) work yet in X, and I’m as sure as I can be that “Remote Access Commands” is one of those that has as yet to be updated/rewritten.
In OS 8.6 or 9 the simple script I gave you would work perfectly but in X how you might accomplish what you want I’m afraid I just do not know. Perhaps someone else does?