Auto-run cron tasks if Mac wasn't on?

Just did a search on “cron” and was a little surprised at no hits for an AppleScript applet that would run all the time and check to see if the standard cron maintenance tasks had been run and do so if not. (I’m also surprised that Apple didn’t see to this itself, inasmuch as the cron tasks were made for file servers that run 24/7, and most Mac users shut down or sleep their Macs every night.) Anybody? Thanks!

I avoid that quandry by never letting the computer sleep, but putting the displays to sleep in 15 minutes and the hard disks when possible. Otherwise, I think you have to look at the /var/log/daily.out log to see whether the daily cron task has run. In mine, I see the lines:

Cleaning web server log files:
Thu Mar  3 03:15:01 AST 2005

followed by much else, but that’s the only date I see. You could search on that.