Auto Save in Lion

I wonder: Will it be easily possible to use “auto save” (OS X Lion feature) in Document based AppleScriptObjC Applications?

Anyone who knows won’t be able to answer. Lion is still under NDA.

I know and hope I can get an answer to my question in about a month. :slight_smile:

Because we cannot discuss Lion features here publicly (Shane is right, Lion is still under NDA) I opened a thread with my question over at the Apple Developer Forums:

(You can only access it if you are a member of the Mac Developer Program. But there we can discuss the topic for the time it’s under NDA.)

Would be nice if you are a Mac Developer Program Member and can give me a tip.

If you login to the apple developer site. You will find apple have posted the WWDC 2011 Sessions Videos.

Included is one Labeled “Auto Save and Versions in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion”

Yes Mark, I watched the session “Auto Save and Versions in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion” and I know now that enabling Auto Save is pretty easy for a Document based Cocoa application. (I hope I can say that publicly.)

I’m one of these people who understand basic AppleScript quite good . but AppleScriptObjC is ” in a way ” a layer above me. Maybe for many it’s just a little step more, but for me it gets too abstract. I still can write simple Cocoa-AppleScript applications thanks to Shane Stanley’s fantastic Book ” especially: thanks to the example code in it. With AppleScript (which I fully understand) and some code snippets of AppleScriptObjC from Shane (which I don’t fully understand) I can put together some very useful things.

Because I’m more a composer of pieces I should have someone who can get me this missing one: how can I bring this simple “enable Auto Save Cocoa code” to AppleScriptObjC.

I wish I could tell you,

But alas I decided that although I love applescript, I would go down the path of teaching my self Objective -C, rather than AppleScriptObjC. With the view that if at some point I felt I wanted to use the combined language AppleScriptObjC,I would have the foundations for Objective -C and Applescript.

It has been slow, due to time. I still have lots to learn.

But I have progressed ( a bit).

I think I have benefited form knowing some applescript, and bits of unix. knowing some of their structures and methods helped me understand some of the Objective -C concepts

I have written about four apps that we now use at work.

And any that need to interact with for example the finder, I use scripting bridge, NSAppleScript and other scripting methods. But only where I can find no other way.
I find any interaction involving the finder through scripting methods and iteration of its selection to be slow.