Auto Update External Volume


I don’t know how to use Apple Scripts that well, but want to accomplish something relatively easily using Script Editor.

Essentially, I have a hard drive I plug into my car for music, and thus want to be able to easily update it against my iTunes library whenever I plug it into my mac automatically. I also don’t want it to copy over the music files unless I’ve updated the files, or if I’ve added new ones. I also want the script to “delve” as deep as possible into the folders of the “music” folder - copying only the actual AAC music files, instead of the folders they lay inside of. For those of you familiar with how iTunes structures it’s music folders, it can form several layers…

I’m thinking the script would need to be able to:

1.) Delve deep into all the folders to select all AAC’s
2.) Compare it against existing data on the external volume
3.) Copy over new AAC’s which don’t exist on external volume
4.) Unmount after script has run

Any thoughts?


Browser: Safari 600.1.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.8)