Autocomplete Combo Box

I have a combo box populated and “Autocompletes” checked in IB. All of my entries in the combo box start with capital letters. Everything works good but I want it to ignore case so if a lowercase is typed, it will still complete with the uppercase match. I have tried several tricks I thought would work but haven’t succeeded. Anyone have an idea??? Thanks…

You will need to create a new Objective-C class and subclass NSComboBox. Then in IB, set this class as the class for the combo box in the Identity inspector.

.h file

.m file

Or if you’re not comfortable with ObjC, you can subclass NSComboBox in AS exactly the same way:

script ACComboBox
	property parent : class "NSComboBox"
	on textDidChange_(aNotification)
		setStringValue_(stringValue()'s uppercaseString())
	end textDidChange_
end script