Automate insertion of pdf's

I have been making a script with the help of the forums on this fantastic site, and have come a little bit stuck.
The idea of this script ideally is, I will save the script as a application and place it into a folder, what I need the script to be able to do, is to recognise where it is, and when the application is run, to ask for a filename, then create a folder called Originals and save the final pdf as the filename. As the script inserts each individual pdf into the multi page pdf and then closes that pdf, i then want that pdf to be moved into the folder Originals.
Where I am stuck is how to make the script realise where it is, as I have only got this to work by specifying the exact location. Secondly I am totally stuck getting the script to move the pdf file which has just been closed to move into the folder called Originals. Any help on this will be a lifesaver. The script is shown below, it does work in its current state, it is just the polishing off that I am having issues with.:confused:
If anyone recognises some of the script below, that is because as I said, this script was made using script from this site. :slight_smile:

set target_folder to (("Sampler:finished_file:") as string)
set target_name_entry to display dialog "Please enter the name of the merged pdf:" default answer "unspecified " with icon note buttons {"Cancel", "Continue..."} default button "Continue..." giving up after 30 --Asks imager to Input the name of the scan folder, and calls it "file_name_entry"
set target_name to text returned of target_name_entry --Designates the text that was entered to be the file name.
--set target_name to "combined.pdf"
set target_pdf to target_folder & target_name
set source_folder to ("Sampler:Users:powerbook:Desktop:Merge:") as alias
set theDate to current date
set theDay to the day of theDate
set theMonth to the month of theDate
tell application "Finder"
	make new folder at source_folder with properties {name:"" & target_name & "-" & theMonth & " " & theDay}
end tell
	tell application "Finder"
		set component_PDFs to every file of source_folder whose name ends with ".pdf"
			delete file target_pdf
		end try
		set the_name to name of (item 1 of component_PDFs as alias)
		duplicate (item 1 of component_PDFs as alias) to folder target_folder
		set name of file (target_folder & the_name) to target_name
	end tell
	tell application "Acrobat 6.0.2 Professional"
		open (target_pdf as alias)
		repeat with i from 2 to (count of component_PDFs)
			open (item i of component_PDFs as alias)
			set combined_page_count to (count page of document 1)
			set source_page_count to (count page of document 1)
			insert pages document 1 after combined_page_count from document 2 starting with 1 number of pages source_page_count
			close document 2 saving no
		end repeat
		close document 1 with saving
		--close all docs saving no
	end tell
on error the_error
	set the_button to button returned of (display dialog the_error buttons {"Copy to Clipboard", "OK"} default button 2 with icon 0 giving up after 30)
	if the_button = "Copy to Clipboard" then set the clipboard to the_error
end try
path to me

Will give the path to a script when it is saved and ran as an application. *Important: When run from the Script Editor window it gives the path to the Script Editor.

tell application "Finder"
move "Disk:Path:To:File" to "Disk:Path:To:Destination:Folder:"
end tell

Where “Disk:Path:To:File” is the path to the file, and “Disk:Path:To:Destination:Folder:” is the path to the destination folder.

Thanks. I will give those a go.:slight_smile: