Automate sending files using iCal

Hi everyone, I would like to use the following script to assign dates and file path for sending of files. Basically, I would use that script to create an Event in iCal that would assign the string reference to the file as the Event description or/and summary. I just need to find a way to pass this information (Event description or summary) to the script that will be triggered. Is that possible?

set my_file_to_send to (choose file) as string
display dialog “Sending date” buttons {“OK”} default button 1 default answer “MM/DD/YYYY”
set start_date to date (the text returned of the result)
display dialog “Sending time? Enter 9 for 9 am or 14.5 for 2h30 pm” buttons {“OK”} default button 1 default answer “9”
set start_hour to the text returned of the result as number
set start_date to start_date + (start_hour * hours)
tell application “iCal”
tell calendar 1
set my_event to make new event at end with properties {description:my_file_to_send, summary:my_file_to_send, start date:start_date}
end tell
tell my_event
–theFile will be the POSIX path to a script
make new open file alarm at end with properties {trigger date:start_date, filepath:theFile}

end tell

end tell

I know there is a strictly Applescript way, but there is a tool you can download called iCalBuddy. This is the script I use to get event names,

	set iCalBuddyLoc to "/Scripts/ical/icalBuddy"
	set CurEvents to (do shell script (iCalBuddyLoc & " -nc -n eventsToday"))
	if CurEvents is "" then set CurEvents to "N/A"
	set theMessage to paragraph 1 of CurEvents

There are a lot of switches.

OK, I got it to work using the following code which is the script that is triggered as an iCal alarm:

set a to (get current date)
set wd to (weekday of a)
set m to (month of a)
set d to (day of a)
set y to (year of a)
set h to (hours of a)
if h > 12 then set h to (h - 12)
set min to (minutes of a)
if min < 10 then set min to “0” & min as string
set date_as_string to wd & “,” & space & m & space & d & “,” & space & y & space & h & “:” & min as string
set sent_file to “”
tell application “iCal”
set good_event to “”
tell calendar 1
set my_event_list to get every event
repeat with this_event in my_event_list
set my_start_date to get start date of (get properties of this_event) as string
if my_start_date starts with date_as_string then
set good_event to this_event

			end if
		end repeat
		set file_path to (get summary of good_event) as string
	end tell
	end tell