Automated App install

I need to install a couple of apps and I would like to have applescript do the work for me.

Here is what I need. I have apps like CS3 and After Effects saved on our file server. I want to run a applescript that will start the CS3 install wait until it’s done then start the After Effects install.

Is this possible with applescript or is there something else free that would do the job?

I would recommend using something like Composer from JAMF software. It’s not free, but it’s very cheap.

Composer essentially acts like a tripwire or radmind type product. You snapshopt a machine and then installl the software and take another snapshot. Composer the builds a install and uninstall package. You can then remotely install the package remotely via ARD or create scripts to do it for you.


I will have to see if my boss will give up the money. It sounds like it will do what I need.