Automated DVD authoring scripting

i don’t know if it is the proper place to post this but here are 2 questions:
We are looking for someone to program the following:

project#1: “Reel Manager”:
from an user friendly interface : manage playlists created from personal assets (video clips) and bookmarks (video clips) a user can manage-edit playlists (call them “reels”: compilation of selected video clips) (visual refernce:

project#2: “automated DVD authoring software”
from a selected “reel” (playlist) an apple script would talk to photoshop and DVD studio Pro to allow simple update of existing DVD authored template:
Changing of video clip titles, Video clips jpgs, video clips order, menu names and background graphics

Please contact me

if i am posting in the wrong location i apologize, maybe someone can guide me as to where to post this request to find individuals who can do these projects.
thank you in advance

I am surprised, especially seeing how creative and resourceful some of you guys are.
Anyone can help?
thx in advance

The good news is that you can script Photoshop and iDVD to automate the creation of menu designs and layouts.

Example scripts are at:

DVD Studio Pro does not support AppleScript.