Automated recording-encoding-uploading process using applescript

Right i’m new to applescript (and macs, lol) but basically i’m just looking for some useful links
The plan is, i’m already using some applescript that in conjunction with the mac calender we can scedual recordings to start and stop using the blackmagic control deck, and the result is a high broadcast standard file, roughly around 200 GB, every morning i then reencode the video using quicktime pro, into 3 different quality’s (100MB, 500MB and about 1GB) and then upload them to a web server, edit a little bit of html, and then everyone can view them al over the world ect.

Right, am i being rediclously over ambisious in thinking i can make this whole process automated to run over night? or can it be done,
so far the plan is to write different bits of applescript and then use “Hazel” to control the whole process, so basically once hazel sees the big 200 GB file in a certain folder it runs an applescript to encode it to High quality, and then while it’s doing that, it can look for the output file of that high quality file, wait 10 mins to ensure it’s complted, then start the medium quality encoding, ect, ect, each stage using a different folder…

am i thinking in the right general direction? and if anyone knows any useful links to help with such a senario that would be most helpful, i am new to applescript, but am experienced with many other languages and can learn fast, if anyone is intrested i’ll put up the resulting applescript and method, since no matter how long it takes, i will get there!!

Cheers guys!

In general terms, the answer to your questions are “Yes”.

Quicktime can be scripted, mounting servers and uploading files are fairly straight-forward. Altering HTML can be done with some parsing of text files and text item delimiters. Hazel isn’t necessary to the process, AppleScript includes Folder Actions, which are scripts attached to a folder that respond to the addition of a new file (or removal of one) and operate on the addition or additions. Timing would then depend on the event of adding the raw recording file to that folder. A separate script using either Cronnix (a cron interface) or launchd and launchctl will control the recording process if it’s scriptable or iCal can be used to trigger events.