automatic file naming for photo's

i would like to transfer the photo’s from my camera to folders without having to name each individual photo. One way that i would like to name them is with numbers. does anyone have any ideas as to where i can find a script that will do this.

You need to provide a bit more detail as to how you would like the files named - “with numbers” is a bit vague.

You can check out my shareware application Name those Files! which may help.</cheap plug>


there are two things that i would to acheive with my mac:

  1. i would like to transfer the files of camera to my mac and name them with an ongoing numbering system.  the photo's that i am mainly concerned with are those of my inventory.  i make one of a kind artwork (glass, sculpture...etc) and i need to track these items as they are shipped to shows, galleries, representitives...etc.

it would be great if i could easily name these files with a prefix and a number. for example; VA2203, VA 2204, VA2204 which would mean VASE #2203,…etc

however, i do not want to name all the photo’s from that shoot VA…#… becuase in addition to vases there may also be some bowls (or whatever) therefore i need to be able to highlight a certain group or number of files and specify which prefix and consectutive number to use …i.e. VA2205 or B13003

  1. i have recently decided to use quickbooks as my accounting software. i have recieved it in the mail but have not opened it so i can still return it if there is a better alternative recommended, but i do like its many features. I like being able to track customer info, create invoices…etc The one thing that it DOES NOT have that would really help track customers, work etc., is to be able to attatch an image/s to an invoice or inventory tracking form. Since I am producing one of a kinds this is much needed.

My question is, is there a way to link images with an invoice or is there a form or …

i hope this helps…


thanks jonn8…i am looking at it now.

however, i have posted new info and if anyone has any recomendations please let me know.


I am not sure of a program that does everything you are looking for…

However, using an asset management system combined with quickbooks may be the way to go…

My thought process here is that you capture your images, separate into your category folders, and catalog them with the asset management system. When you bill out the artwork - you attribute the invoice # to the piece within the asset management system.

There is a new inexpensive system that could work well for you, see: Or check out Canto’s Cumulus.