automatic screen capture

I’m looking for somebody who should help me. For my next exhibition (i’m a french visual artist) I would like to present a kind off diary with screen captures of my computer but I want this captures automatic (every 5 or 10 minutes less or more) or by random. I’m not developper at all, so if you could help me it should be very nice.

Are you using OS 9 or X? If X, check out this script. It could be saved as a stay open application with an idle handler to take a screenshot at random or standard intervals.



jonn8, this script is exactly what I need ;-).

you wrote:“Set a target folder and this script will save screen captures as PDF in that folder with uniquely numbered names.”

I couldn’t figure it out how to set an other folder as target folder …

What I need is: The Applescript should create a folder called “screenshots” on the desktop (I figured this out, yeah) and after this your script is putting all shots into it.
That’d be great.
thanks - Dirk

In that script, you can change the target folder to the path to any folder on your system. Here is a modified version of the script that checks for a folder called “screenshots” on your desktop. If it does not exist, the script will create it. Then it will use that folder for saving the screen captures:


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Nice one!

Wow 11 minutes!

I am looking for a simple AppleScript that will automatically take a screen shot at a set interval and put it in a desired folder. Any resources out there? Thanks!